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PostSubject: All Stars Clan   All Stars Clan EmptyTue Aug 21, 2012 4:03 am

AS: AllStars ; Unknown, yet, unbeatable.
All Stars is one of the Newest Skulltag's AOW 2 Clans.
Founded by (Dark)Player, Player1, Player2 and Player3.
They are the admins.

Our Vision:
To be an undefeatable clan in all of AOW by getting the best of the best players.
We do not recruit, we choose based on our standards. IF you wish to join, contact one of the admins.

* Teamwork is the #1 Rule.
* No Abusing/Bullying to other players.
* No bad behavior/bad language to other players.
* No making fun of other players/clans. Whether they are better or worst than us.
* No spamming, scamming, RQing in any game; whether for AS or normal games.
* No stacking in any game unless with AS members. If you think your team is weak, don't join.
* We have our reputation! Always try to make it better.
* Respect your friends and believe in team work.
* We do not always use our names. The privacy should always be considered. No telling of the real names of players if they are not used.
* Leaders should be followed. They have experience in the game. i.e. NO ATTACKING MEANS NO ATTACKING!
* In Scrims: All Players should be named: (AS) Player#. Admins shall be contacted for number.
* Surrender is not an option. There is always a way to win.
* Only the 4 admins are allowed to invite players to AS. Voting is required.


Some Statistics:
* Total Members: 7~8
* Winning Rate: 100% (In any game contains 3 or more AS members in one team)
* Favorite Maps: AOW: 02, 21, 15, 07, 14, 19

For any doubts, admins shall be contacted.

Good Luck.
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All Stars Clan
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